$1,000 off toward the purchase of a cat or kitten if you use Alena to represent you in a real estate transaction (buying or selling)*

*Will only be issued after closing.

*Make sure to mention this offer to Alena when calling.

*Expires 6 months after issuance.

CoonKingdom Maine Coons

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Alena is an easy going person who is pleasant to work with. She is an experienced Real estate broker / Realtor helping serve the Puget Sound area. She has an exceptional eye for data and analytics. She graduated from the University of Washington and provides excellent service. If you want someone to go above and beyond give Alena a call. She will communicate and help you through the entire process of buying or selling, making it a smooth seamless transaction. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or have had several real estate transactions, she will leave a mark of excellence. Looking to downsize, upgrade, relocate or invest into the local market she is the person to speak to. She was raised here and knows this area very well and can help with any real estate needs you may have. 


It's no wonder she is so highly rated. Click on the Google or Zillow reviews graphic to the left to read reviews.

​FOOD/DIET, Toys, Supplements, equipment, supplies, etc.

​We get requests for recommendations so often we have decided to find an easy way to share this with everyone. We are daily users of Amazon and have created a webpage on Amazon with all the products we recommend and use. If you are a Maine Coon owner (whether it's from us or from elsewhere) you will find our recommended products useful.

See this link: www.amazon.com/shop/coonkingdom.mainecoons

This allows us to easily organize and share our favorite products and products that we find work best for the the Maine Coon breed. It has everything from food to toys to things that you didn't even know about that will make your life easier. Enjoy:)

Alena Motso
Home/Land Buying/Selling Specialist​

Phone: 253-330-6602
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