CoonKingdom Maine Coons

Born October 26th 2018

Brown Tabby Female ($1,000 plus sales tax)


​This is Nadin, born 1/6/15. She was the mother for several litters and is an amazing caring mom. She loves to cuddle up and loves attention and has been a huge delight for us. This is the age we typically retire our breeding cats and we feel it's a good time for her to be homed and start a new stage in her life being only a companion cat. She is in perfect health and has many healthy years ahead of her as a companion for a loving home.

Mother: Laticia
Color: White

Titles: Champion

Brown Tabby Male ($2,300 plus sales tax)


​This is Sulleyman, born 4/5/19, so he just turned 1 recently. He currently weighs a whopping 17 pounds and counting. He is very playful and outgoing. He is being sold for one reason only and that is because he developed entropion which is where the eyelid inverts inward. Surgery was already performed to correct it and there isn't much research on whether this is a trait which could pass on. That said it's not something we want to experiment with and feel the best decision (as beautiful as he is) is to neuter him and find him a good home.​ He is in perfect health and his eyelids are fully corrected with surgery. 

Father: Hercules

Color: Cameo-Tabby White
Regional Winner, Grand Champion, Champion