CoonKingdom Maine Coons

‚ÄčBorn October 26th 2018

Quinn, Silver Tabby Female ($2,500 plus sales tax)

1 year 9 months old born on 9/10/2019


Mother: Laticia
Color: White

Titles: Champion

Father: Hercules

Color: Cameo-Tabby White
Regional Winner, Grand Champion, Champion

Paulina, Black Female ($2,000 plus sales tax)

3.5 years old born on 12/16/2017


Dona, Silver Tabby Female ($2,000 plus sales tax)

Almost 1 year & 8 months old born on 09/21/2019

She will be a bit more shy than a kitten as she is older and already has a routine and environment she has grown to know. You can expect a few weeks for her to adjust to her new home.