CoonKingdom Maine Coons


When I saw my first Maine Coon I completely fell in love with it. Simply put, no other cats compare. These cats are beautiful, friendly, loyal, playful and massive. They are gentle but extremely muscular and can very well take care of themselves in the wild. They possess above-average intelligence making them a fun addition to the family!


We have a unique breed look you won't find anywhere else and that's because our original studs and queens were imported from different countries in Europe (Germany, Ukraine and Russia). The only other place you can get a Maine Coon similar to CoonKingdom is directly from Europe (or a surrounding country). This is the amazing Maine Coon look people love and we work hard to maintain that feral large Maine Coon look everyone loves. We also place a very high emphasis on the temperament; we have a unique gentle loving personality that we breed for. All in all, pound for pound, and we can't emphasis this enough YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Don't settle for the standard average Maine Coon.

Don't just go off of a breeders history or their display of awards/titles. That does not mean you will get a Maine Coon with the personality or look that you want. We can show you a huge display of awards our cats have gotten but that doesn't necessary mean anything. At the best it just means you are able to please someones subjective opinion. Take a look at our photos and come in person when we have kittens available. See the Maine Coons for yourself before you commit to buying one from any breeder, even us.

At CoonKingdom we follow the highest standards for breeding and maintain an infection control plan. Additionally we are licensed through the city, county and state. On top of that our Maine Coons have a balanced specialized diet from birth to kitten to adulthood with specific Royal Canin products.


The ancestral origin of the Maine Coon is unknown although there are many plausible theories. One theory is that the breed originated from the mating of domestic cats and wild bobcats. This could explain the tufts of hairs that are typically seen on the tips of the cats ears. However, most breeders today believe that the breed originated from pairing of pre-existing short-haired domestic cats and overseas long-haired cats. 

Maine Coons are the largest breed of domestic cat. Females range from 8 to 12 pounds and males range from 13 to 18+ pounds. They are slow to physically mature and normally reach their full size at about 3 to 5 years of age while most other cats mature by about 1. They are generally healthy and hardy animals and most live 16.5+ years.

In 2010 the Guinness World Records accepted a purebred male Maine Coon as the "Longest Cat" measuring 48.5 inches from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tale.

Maine Coons are long-haired or medium-haired cats with a soft and silky 2-3 inch coat. Every characteristic of the Maine Coon, from their tufted ears to their tufted feet, points to its suitability to survive in harsh winter climates. They come in a wide variety of colors and can virtually be any color! According to the CFA registration totals the Maine Coon is the third most popular cat breed for several years running.

Maine Coons love to play, are people-oriented but are not-overly dependent and will not pester you for attention. They are regarded for intelligence, have a gentle playful personality, and are often presented as having "dog-like" characteristics. They love to investigate whatever activity you are doing and will "help" when they can. In most cases Maine Coons will be your companion but not your baby and many will even play fetch with you.​