Other Kittens

Most of the kittens below (unless otherwise noted) are select kittens we kept for ourselves to potentially breed. Our thought process is we can always neuter/spay but you can't go the other way. So if we need more time to consider we take that approach. And after further evaluation we may sell (mostly the case). Most kittens here are equivalent to our breeding cats but have to be significantly better for us to make the final decision to keep them for breeding. Our time and space are also big factors when considering. See below for availabilities.

Not named yet, Brown Patched Tabby White - Female ($3,500 plus sales tax)

Born on 4/28/2021 (a little over 4 months old)

​Parents: Thor and Bella


Not named yet, Silver Tabby - Female ($3,700 plus sales tax)

She is extremely social and playful (above average)

Born on 4/22/2021 (almost 5 months old)

​Parents: Gucci and Vivian


CoonKingdom Maine Coons

Not named yet, Silver Tabby - Male ($3,500 plus sales tax)

Born on 2/5/2021 (a little over 7 months old)

​Parents: Thunder and Olivia