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About Red Lion - You can probably see why we choose to name him Red Lion, he is a giant! He was the biggest boy from his litter from the start and within 2 months weighed a pound more than all his littermates. Unfortunately Red Lion had entropion at about 11 months where the eyelid is rolled inward against the eyeball and can only be corrected with surgery. We immediately had surgery done to his right eye which has since healed up and sucked in. The veterinarian told us that typically the second eye has the same thing 3-4 months later. Sure enough 3 months later Red Lion's left eye had the exact same thing. We brought him in once again for surgery. The left eye is still healing up and will look more like the right eye in several months. He is such a sweetheart and we wanted to keep him for breeding and showing. Unfortunately he would no longer qualify for that as the entropion (although its been fully dealt with for him) can be genetic (there's still unclear research as to whether it is genetic or not) and pass on to the kitties which we wouldn't want.

This is seriously a one in a thousand cat. He is literally a Maine Coon giant and has quite a bit of loose skin as he's still growing into his body. He is just a huge cat which is also why his skin is loose around the face and eyes, he's still growing and still a teen. He's looking for a loving and caring home.

Red Tabby Male

Name: Red Lion

Age: 1 year 3 months

$1,800 (plus tax) Available to anyone